Kay Edwards earns Society for Process Consulting designation

Kay Edwards, President and CEO of Outsight Network is a Certified Process Consultant (CPC).  Professionals earning the CPC designation use humble inquiry and guidance while working alongside clients to co-create solutions. Advancing clients' growth and discovery through an authentic discovery process is valuable for organizations from large to small. For more information, contact Kay at either 262-241-8522 or kedwards@outsightnetwork.com. 

OurNew Research & Marketing Director

We are delighted to share that Tiffany Weigand joined the Outsight Network team! As Research and Marketing Director, Tiffany brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our clients.

Tiffany has a unique ability to dig into data and then translate that information into understandable language. She tackles myriad projects ranging from sales presentations to research analysis. She is skilled in getting to the heart of the matter and developing strategic, effective ways to help you accomplish your mission.

Need help developing a marketing plan? Working on fine tuning your efforts? Wondering what to do next? Let Tiffany guide you with clarity for your vision.

Tiffany earned her MBA from Marquette University in Milwaukee and her B.A. in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. She and her husband live in southeastern Wisconsin. Contact Tiffany at tweigand@outsightnetwork.com for more information.