What they're saying about us


"Outsight Network offers the epitome of professionalism and customer service in all aspects of its ministry.  For research and client feedback, their data interpretation is deep and intuitive, providing superb recommendations and action steps.  We gained tremendous information for the creation of our comprehensive, integrated community outreach programs."
John D. (Jack) Paquette. 
Development Counsel;
Retired Vice President - Advancement & Communications, Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus

"Thanks, Kay. You have truly been a blessing to Shepherd and to me."

Pastor Tom Wink (Retired)
Shepherd of the Hills Church
Pewaukee, WI


"I appreciated the integrity of the process. Kay has a very keen ability to synthesize a lot of information. She used very thoughtful questions to uncover what the important points are that we need to address. We now have greater clarity on value propositions. We gained some really helpful,  practical relational theory as we relate to the various stakeholders in our organization."
Tom Keppeler, PhD
Executive Director 
Prism EDC
Milwaukee, WI

“Outsight Network’s research has saved us a ton of time and money in developing our strategy and building the kind of website that parents want. The research allowed us to cut to the chase, and gave us a different reference point from the usual internal debate about what our audiences are looking for. Working with Outsight enabled us to move forward with more confidence and efficiency. And it has helped with our fundraising. We have been able to go to our funders and say, 'This is what parents have told us,'  which makes it easier for them to support our work.”

Eugene C. Roehlkepartain

Vice President

Search Institute

Minneapolis, MN


"Outsight Network is really bright, experienced and deeply  knowledgeable about working within a faith context. Excellent, quality  work and attention to detail are impressive. Kay really has a penchant  for practical application of the research presented."
Brenda Skelton
Siebert Lutheran Foundation
Milwaukee, WI

"Outsight Network brought a concise, consistent power to our branding communications for a complex multi-faceted brand. You integrated strong qualitative and quantitative research with a Holy Spirit inspired artfulness in discerning the very essence of the brand. You connected our founding branding from 70 years ago to our present positioning and to our future calling, all in something we can train staff on in one memorable sentence."

Ben Mott

President & CEO

Green Lake Conference Center

Green Lake, WI