Specialists Network

The people in this network are experts in a wide variety of professions, including law, resource development, research analytics, leadership development, and grant writing. Each of them does exemplary work and has in-depth experience in the nonprofit world.


Robert Arthur


Milwaukee, WI


Michele Dasek

Corporate Writer, Marketer & Web Editor

Oconomowoc, WI


Tim Dittloff

Stewardship Innovations

Milwaukee, WI


Jane Dolan

JEDInc Coaching and Consulting

Milwaukee, WI


Heather Dorsey

Content Writer/Social Media/Editor

Germantown, WI

Tracy Gingrass, MAE-OD

Brookfield, WI


Eric Goldschmidt

Advancement Officer, Shepherds College

Milwaukee, WI


Frank Habib

Milwaukee, WI


James Haley

Program Analyst

Milwaukee, WI


Richard M. Phalen

Mequon, WI


Mary Reinders

Reinders Research

Mount Horeb, WI


Patrick Rochford

Owner, Daedalus Research

Mequon, WI


Christine Stuart

Grant Writer

Richfield, WI


David C. Wolfson, CFRE


Tiffany Weigand

Marketing Director Partner2Learn

Milwaukee, WI


Chad Wleczyk

Milwaukee, WI