Social Network Analysis: Measuring Social Movements

If stories are the currency of relationships, Social Network Analysis measures how stories and ideas move through our organizations and our communities.

Social Network Analysis gives organizational leaders new ways to look at their organizations and their communities, because it identifies both the formal and informal influences on ideas and decisions. It can identify where the real power lies within a network, even when individuals have no formal position or authority.

Outsight Network applies the statistical science of Social Network Analysis and the power to community asset mapping to help organizations move ideas to action.


Who Benefits from Social Network Analysis?

Leaders who understand the importance of social capital in creating change use Social Network Analysis to help them see connections and gaps in a relationship network more clearly, whether that network is an organization, a collaboration, a neighborhood, or a larger community.

Using Social Network Analysis tools, Outsight has helped leaders:

  • Lead culture change
  • Find gaps in community services
  • Introduce new ideas
  • Connect to new donors
  • Change minds and behaviors


What Does Social Network Analysis Look Like?

We start by identifying what our clients want to accomplish, then design a data collection method that will reach those objectives.

Using both primary and secondary research techniques, we collect and compile data, conduct statistical analysis, and map the resulting social networks of thought leaders and influential clusters. Using these data, we advise our clients on the implications of what we have learned and make recommendations on the right strategies to create change.

The results of the process are:

  • Insight -  a greater understanding of how ideas, people, and culture influence a social system.
  • Action - Strategies that create lasting change.