"Our sight makes your vision better"

Scribe is a personalized, professional, in-depth, meaning-making service for senior leaders who understand that great leaders don't have all the answers, they ask better questions.

In ancient times the role of the scribe was to advise leaders, capture their wisdom, and interpret it to the people. Scribes were given oversight and great responsibility, because they gave wise counsel.

What does a modern-day Scribe do?

Listen - To your team, to your board, to your constituents, and to your key stakeholders. We'll listen the way you can't--from an outsider's perspective. We'll tap into our network of thought leaders and industry experts on your behalf, expanding your network and your capacity to hear what's important.

Interpret - Collect, consolidate, and analyze data, sift through what's important and relevant, and deliver it in a way that creates new insights.

Advise - Think with you as you consider the implications of what you are learning and what your organization is facing. Your Scribe is for you, with no outside agenda or vested interest.

Capture - Knowledge is of little use if it's not captured accurately. Your ideas, your insights are captured in ways that make sense and move people to action.

Proclaim - A Scribe will help you tell your story, and the story of your organization, in the way that's most effective. We will speak on your behalf, or craft the right message for you to share in your own voice.

What are the benefits of having a Scribe?

  • Better decisions made with greater speed and accuracy
  • Greater clarity and strategic insight
  • More effective stewardship of resources and fewer missteps

Who benefits from a Scribe?

  • Senior leaders responsible for $5 million or more in annual revenue
  • Leaders in disrupted industries--any industry where social and environmental changes are affecting your bottom line
  • Leaders with teams in transition
  • Leaders who want a closer partnership with their constituents

It's not for everyone. It's for leaders who understand the value of an outside perspective, a trusted thinking partner, and a powerfully-told story.

What to look for in a Scribe?

  • Someone with years of experience in many different types of organizations, who is well-respected and well-networked
  • Someone who can look at the whole and discern what's important and what's not, who can look at the present from a new perspective and see what's coming before others do
  • Someone who asks pointed questions and is not afraid to speak truth
  • Someone who can write and speak your vision with beauty

Engaging a Scribe is simple. Leading without one is complicated.