Very Random Database Project

Imagine picking up the phone and dialing a random person in your database. Why? To check in, see what's happening in that person's life, and connect. Sound scary? Our CEO, Kay Edwards, embraced the challenge. She developed a system that put someone's contact information in front of her every day. She then reached out through a phone call, or more lately through email, to find out if the person had time to talk. More often than not, she heard, "yes, of course!" we can talk. This year's question is, "What does the world most need you to do?" Read people's interesting responses here.

"Conflict (between people and countries) is a theme that I see and hear more often than other when I read or listen to news media. I pay more attention to conflict between countries and reflect on them based on my experience of being a naturalized US citizen and living/working overseas. 

IMOHO, I think we can all do more of "seek first to understand..."  Human beings’ desire for peace and happiness is very similar even if we don't speak the same language.  There are fanatics and misguided government/political leaders out there, however these are the minority. If more people are willing to see from the others point-of-view, I believe we will have less conflict in the world.  Within my circle of influence I shared, where I can, examples during my travel and living/working abroad about how similar we are around the world. Hopefully, it will generate curiosity for people to reach out and "seek first to understand" when dealing (or better yet, avoiding) with conflict.  I also hope people will share the success stories with others to further promote understanding and tolerance toward one another."

~ Thong Phan, Managing Director  at Douglas Dynamics, Inc.

"I'm discerning that the world most needs me to always remember that even my work is a ministry."

~Kat Landa, Vice President of Business Development at ViewSPARK

"I believe the world needs me to listen to stories, carefully and reflectively; and then to help find meaning and purpose from the stories told. This is what the world needs: understanding that comes through truly caring and listening to others who make up this world. I’m told I bring a calmness to circumstances. I’m grateful for that gift and will do so as long as the LORD allows. I think the world needs me to bring that calm, as well."

~Nancy Leafblad, Pastoral Care Services Coordinator (Chaplain) at Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center

"I think the world most needs me to motivate. Whether personally or professionally, I see the most common demand around me to be a motivator in relationships. "

~Josh Filo, Head of Business Development at TESCHGlobal