By: kayedwards | July 01, 2019

Outsight Network provides strategy and relationship-building services to mission-driven leaders. Our mission is to build lasting relationships and be relentlessly helpful.

What’s the best way to be relentlessly helpful in the early stages of building a new relationship? We have identified five questions to ask, and the three things to know that help build relationship connections, particularly in the early stages.

Three Things To Know

  1. Connections. What do we have in common with the person we are meeting and their organization? This is not just about people we may know in common, but ideas, causes, passions, and hobbies. These kinds of connections put everyone at ease and help the conversation flow smoothly.
  2. Personality. What do we feel wh...

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By: Sarah Kerkman | June 17, 2019

With almost everyone online at some point during the day, using available technology can help nonprofits better interact with supporters. Learn how different forms of technology can help your nonprofit succeed.

By: Sarah Kerkman | May 17, 2019

Generous donors are welcomed at every nonprofit; if not for them, it would be much harder to make an impact. But what if donated money came from ill-gotten gains? Would you say thank you, but no thank you? Or not? The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City took a bold stance in refusing to take any more money from a family associated with the opioid crisis.

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By: Sarah Kerkman | April 15, 2019

Meetings...does the very word make you shudder? We've all been in great meetings and not-so-great meetings.  Allowing for honest conversations can make meetings more productive and even rewarding.

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By: Sarah Kerkman | March 25, 2019

Agree to disagree: wise advice that can lead to new ideas, a different way of thinking,  and appreciation for other viewpoints.  Allowing for disagreements can lead to looking at things from different perspectives.  Disagreements need not always be negative; they can open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.

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By: Sarah Kerkman | March 11, 2019

Aah, the power of a network. With most everyone using social media these days, knowing how to use it effectively can increase your network. Being genuine is key. What else? This article delves into more ways to build your network.

By: Sarah Kerkman | March 04, 2019

Are you an accurate planner? A better "guess-timator?" Or do you scramble to get things done? Accurately estimating the amount of time needed to get things helps with budgets, time, and project completions. Overcome the "planning fallacy" by using six techniques to help you create better estimates.

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By: Sarah Kerkman | November 07, 2018

Foundations with assets under $50 million make up 98% of the foundations in the country. This article gives tips to smaller foundations looking to make a larger impact.

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By: Sarah Kerkman | September 07, 2018

Guest blogger, Steve Brock at Brand:Wallop shares his wisdom:

Most organizations don’t start with a brand. Instead, organizations start with a product or a service and get known for those products and services. But over time, a few move beyond their product or service orientation to become known instead for what they stand for. You don’t think of Starbucks as just a place to get a coffee or of Amazon as just another retailer. Organizations reach a point – if they are to be successful in the long-run – where they move beyond a “thing” to an idea. An idea or concept so compelling that while it embraces their products and/or services, it also transcends them. You become known for more than what you do.

We say that your mission is what you do, ...

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By: kayedwards | April 19, 2018

It’s been a long time since junior high. But I remember a few things about it. I remember that a small group of kids decided what was cool and what was not, what we should wear, what we should say, and eat, and do with our time. We all wanted to be one of those kids. They made things happen, at least in a junior high kind of way.

At Outsight Network, we’ve seen how, at some level, it’s the popular kids in an organization, or in a community, who still wield a tremendous amount of influence, even if they don’t have a powerful, formal position. We all know that admin who basically runs the place, or a well-intentioned volunteer whose opinion carries more weight than others. And we all know which powerful philanthropists we would like to have o...