About Outsight Network


We are a network of senior-level consultants serving mission-driven organizations. We see the clearest path to mission success. We help you clear the way to follow it.

Our Mission: 

Build lasting relationships and be relentlessly helpful.

Our Vision:

You, doing more of what the world most needs you to do.

How We Do What We Do:

Our astute diagnoses and elegant solutions clear away complexity, inertia, and feeling overwhelmed, so your mission can succeed.


The Outsight Network Experience

Every Outsight Consultant:

  • Asks questions you wouldn't have asked
  • Listens more than you expected
  • Sees a bigger picture than others do
  • Thinks without limits and in multiple layers
  • Astutely diagnoses the most useful next steps
  • Connects you to the right experts and resources
  • Suggests an appropriate solution at an appropriate investment
  • Delivers truth with humble confidence
  • Always believes the best about you
  • Is always helpful and always learning