About Outsight Network


The Outsight Network Experience

Every Outsight Consultant:

  • Asks questions you wouldn't have asked
  • Listens more than you expected
  • Sees a bigger picture than others do
  • Thinks without limits and in multiple layers
  • Astutely diagnoses the most useful next steps
  • Connects you to the right experts and resources
  • Suggests an appropriate solution at an appropriate investment
  • Delivers truth with humble confidence
  • Always believes the best about you
  • Is always helpful and always learning


We are a network of senior-level consultants serving mission-driven organizations. We see the clearest path to success. We help you follow it.

We can astutely diagnose the inner and outer workings of your organization because we have each worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations and know how to recognize what’s unique – and what’s not – about even the most complex systems. We’re experts at spotting root causes.

We bring access to some of the best minds in nonprofit consulting who are trusted leaders in their fields. We know this because we’ve worked with them. We know the impact of their work, the way they work with teams and their heart for service. Our team of trusted experts has in-depth experience working with nonprofits of all types. 

We are the “A-Team” for your challenges. But without the fancy fees that typically come with A-Team experts. No costly overhead that we pass on to our clients; just easy access to trusted leaders who bring their expertise to you. Our cohesive team approach and a single point of accountability for every project give you clarity and ease.